The Life of Grace Darling (Illustrated)

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Written and produced by John Harper and John Pagan, a Darling family member, whose concept of an illustrated book on her life has been realised from start to finish. Both could see the need for a new book about her, one that focuses attention on events beyond the famous rescue, to show the bigger picture and highlight many aspects of the story ignored by other writers, all adding to a remarkable, true account. Each page of the book features a stunning original watercolour by professional artist and Darling family descendant Moira Pagan, 28 stunning full page plates which add great richness and texture, bringing the book to life and  creating a truly cinematic story. 

•  A5 Landscape, hardback edition 2  

•  Created by
•  Written and Illustrated by descendants

    of the Darling family.
•  Aimed at older children and adults alike.
•  A unique publication that explores new

    areas of the Grace Darling story.

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Audio Track

Our successful entry in the 2012 Grace Darling Song Contest

The Keeper's Daughter

Music and lyrics by John Pagan with additional  lyrics by John Harper. The competition was run by Woodhorn, home of the Northumberland Archives. The song was also broadcast during the play, Amazing Grace, written by North-East playwrights Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood.

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Video about the life of  Grace Darling

At just under 5 minutes, this project features many illustrations from the book : The Life of Grace Darling (Illustrated)


Complete with original soundtrack and narration, learn about Grace's Story now.


Click the image for link to YouTube:

Video Presentation

'Grace' Feature Film Trailer !

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Our concept trailer for a Grace Movie 

We have produced this trailer and an outline treatment for a film. We hope that when a film is made, it will reflect the true nature of this monumental story which goes far beyond realms of the famous sea rescue.