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The Thomasin / Aktinson Collection has acquired a collection of Darling family items that were sent from Grace's sister, Thomasin to the Atkinson family. Daniel Atkinson was the co-author of Thomasin's 1880 book, ' Grace Darling - Her True Story '. We present a selection from the collection here.

Grace Darling Lock of Hair

One of the hair samples from the collection, this is dated "Longstone Light, Jan 7th 1839".  The record is in Grace's own handwriting.

Thomasin Photos

During Thomasin's correspondence with Daniel Atkinson, co-author of her book on Grace called ' Grace

Darling - Her True Story ',she  sent a number of  family mementos including these images featuring a popular image of Grace and photos of William and possibly Thomasin herself ( centre ).

Thomasin / Atkinson Collection

The book gathers together transcripts and excerpts from letters of the time, along with first-hand reports of the tragedy and the aftermath. Written by Grace's favourite sister, it should be regarded as an accurate account of the events surrounding the Forfarshire and the rescue.

Thomasin's personal copy of her book "Grace Darling - Her True Story"

​Thomasin, in 1881 sent this copy of her book to the Atkinson family with a selection of personal Darling family items. Also included were locks of Grace's hair, samples of handwriting from both Grace and William, photographs and

letters from the period.